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Towel Favors


Towel Cupcakes are the Perfect one Size Fits All Favor

Whether you’re planning a birthday, wedding, baby shower, sweet sixteen, or just a fun get together; towel cupcake favors are the perfect solution!  Here we will discuss the different types of cupcake towel favors there are and even show you how you can make them yourself.  So if you’re planning a light-hearted and fun affair and want to pass out these adorable and unique favors then keep reading.

towel cupcakesWe will start with the standard cupcake towel favor and its features as well as how to make these yourself!  This cute little favor closely resembles an actual cupcake and the secret to this is how tightly it is wrapped as well as the cute finishing touches you add on to this to really make it pop.  You will want to give the illusion that is reminiscent of an actual parlor or bakery. Also note that emerging yourself into this type of thought will help you to craft a very good looking cupcake towel favor of your own with real uniqueness.

First off you will need a washcloth and a lot of time to experiment with how to wrap it just right.  There are numerous how to videos on the internet showing you different ways this can be done; however every ones way is slightly different and achieves a different look.  You will have to find “your” way of wrapping and making it look the way you want it too once completed.  The only real key here is too make sure that the washcloth is wrapped VERY tight no matter what technique you use.

Next you will need to look around for ideas and decide what type of container you are going to place the washcloth in once wrapped.  The container must be small and round resembling a cupcake wrapper.  The closer it looks to an actual cupcake wrapper the better.  Also take the time and look for any small embellishments that can be added to these favors for an extra touch of fun such as a fake cherry on top or anything of this nature.

There are also towel cake favors that resemble slices of cake and others that look like miniature cakes themselves.  There are so many different kinds with different appeal that it is hard to say just which one will be perfect for you.  The basic towel cupcake; however, is the easiest to craft yourself and can be the funnest since there are so many more different things you can do with these.  You can give these towel cupcakes a round smooth top or fold it to look like swirled frosting.  With so may options to choose and the creativity you can add to these towel favors there is no limitations.

Although they are not as easy to make yourself as it may seem, if given the time and patience you can definitely create your very own beautiful and whimsical towel cupcake favors for yourself.  We also think that there is even more potential in this area for true uniqueness as your favors will be a one of a kind.    We want to see your Towel Favors and will post the very best hand crafted cupcake favor that we get.  So go ahead and send in your pictures of your home made towel cupcake favors and share your favor making success!  For those of you who simply do not have the time to make your own we carry a wide selection of all kinds of towel cake favors at Favor Central.